Pick Your Own Discount!

Yep, it’s that time again….  people quit knitting so much in the summer so I have WAY too many yarns, and I just finished two more racks to show you tonight.

But first, here’s the discounts available, and they count for any new BRS claimed from the racks below, OR any previously posted Blog Reader Specials, OR any of the remaining Knitivi-TEEs  — in any combination from any of these offerings — so be sure to check all available offerings and then submit  your request by email.  If  you’ve not ordered recently, be sure to let me know your state or country so I can calculate the correct shipping.

  • 15% off your entire order of  $30.00;
  • 20% off your entire order of $50.00;
  • 25% off your entire order of $75.00; or
  • 30% off your entire order of $100.00.

Not bad, right?  These discounts are valid through Sunday, Oct 23; as long as your email request is time-stamped by midnight Sunday evening, you’ll get the discount.

So, here are the newest racks.  I did all of today’s dyes as Twinsets — two hanks dyed together in the same pouch to ensure they can be knit together.  Depending on your pattern you might want to knit from both balls simultaneously, alternating every couple rows, so as to avoid any obvious “new ball” jog or unusual color-pooling.   There is enough in any Twinset pair to make most of the newer shawl patterns that call for up to 800 yards of sock/fingering yarn.  There is one oddball Phydlbitz (#662) that was dyed previously, so it doesn’t have a matching Twin.  Note: you do NOT have to take both yarns of a Twinset.

The first rack is entirely Phydlbitz Sock – 75/25 Superwash Corriedale/Nylon, 430 yards, $26.00 apiece.

Already Claimed:  665, 666, 675, 676


The second rack is a combination of BFL DK/Sport (not superwash), 330 yards for $26.00, and Lovely Sock – 80/20 Superwash Merino/Nylon, 420 yards, $26.00.  :


There is also one additional Twinset of the BFL DK/Sport that I am holding back — I made a video of me dyeing it up, so I need to hold that pair back to complete the video when it is reskeined for presentation.  🙂

And now they’re loaded, ready to ship!

All of the unclaimed Blog Reader Specials from  yesterday’s post are now posted over on the Blog Reader Specials page, ready for you to claim; click through to see which ones remain available for you.   These are all 100% Superwash Merino Fingering, 420 yards apiece.

These are the group shots after reskeining.  #650 and #651 should have come into the 2nd photo, but there were 14 skeins to shoot, so I divided them into groups of 7 to have fairly equal images.  🙂



An Even Two Dozen … Plus More!

I got hung up over the weekend, but got a few goodies done, and this morning I finished all the other goodies I’d intended to do yesterday.

To claim any of the yarns shown here before Wednesday, just email me and tell me which ones you want, and mention Early Bird Pricing.  As soon as these are ready for shipping or posting to the BRS page, the early bird pricing disappears.

First up:  Christmas Sparkle Sock yarn.   These are done on Sparkle Sock (92% SWMerino/8% Lurex), which is normally $29.00;  these will be split into four sets.   Each set will have 200 yards Red and 200 yards Green, for a total of 400 yards for $30.00.   These will be split and packed and ready to ship on Wednesday, but if you claim your set(s) before the end of Tuesday, you can have a set for $28.00 apiece.    (Note: there is also one single Sparkle Sock shown in the last rack below:  #661.)

3 claimed, only 1 set  remaining  


This morning I did almost 2 dozen skeins of Superwash Merino Fingering, 420 yards.  In this first batch there are three Twinsets  (638-639,  640-641, 642-643), and the rest are all singles. The SWMerino Fingering is normally $26.00 — claim yours before the end of Tuesday and have each for $23.00.

Note: there was some dye migration/spotting on 640-641 … I think I left a drop of the blue where I should not have.  🙁

All unclaimed have been posted to the Blog Reader Specials page; preview pricing period is ended. 


And for the next bunch, I went back to one of my popular regular colorway sets:  “Luscious” (650 & 651), “Sensatorium” (652 & 653), and “After Hours” (654 & 655); these weren’t dyed as Twinsets (i.e., not in the same pouch together), but all with the same dye batches.  On all of these, the blackened red and the blackened blue are deliberately spotty; the original colorway “After Hours” was intended to be reminiscent of the reflected neon signs in a rainy alley way after the city closes for the night.  All the rest were done as singles, just using up the remaining dyes of that set.   These are each $26.00 also, and the same preview pricing applies: — claim yours before the end of Tuesday and have each for $23.00.

The last skein shown, #661, is the lone Sparkle Sock, done up with a random mix of colors that seemed to go together — this skein will knit up into some lovely spiral striping socks; normally $29.00, claim it before the end of Tuesday for $26.00.


Tomorrow I will be preparing all these yarns for shipping and/or posting to the BRS page on Wednesday, and later Wednesday I will be doing another batch of assorted sock yarns.  🙂

Christmas Sparkle Sock

There will only be four of these sets prepared, for now anyway.  Sparkle Sock is 92% Superwash Merino/8% Lurex.  Each set will have 200 yards of the red and 200 yards of the green.

Christmas Sparkle Sock sets are $30.00 and will go to the first people claiming one or more sets.  Just email me and claim your set.  These will ship on Thursday.   More can be ordered and dyed if you request, of course.


Starting The Weekend Well!

Okay, so the long awaited yarns arrived this week and I’ve dyeing them up!  Because there are several types of sock yarn, I’m only doing 1 sock yarn type at a time so that I don’t get them mixed up.

We’re starting off with a small(ish) collection of Phyldbitz Sock and Primo Lace.   All of these in the group shots are now posted to the Blog Reader Specials page, so check there to see which ones remain available by the time you visit here.

First up, the Phydlbitz:


And now the Primo Lace: