Friday Already??

I’ve been busy with this and that and other stuff, but I wanted to post  part of what I’ve done this week.  I can’t believe it is already Friday, but here it is.  🙂

On Monday I showed a collection of the latest Blog Reader Specials that were done.  These are the ones remaining unclaimed. There are 4 Phydlbitz and 2 of the Amazing Lace, along with more than  2 dozen other yarns ready to be adopted from the Blog Reader Specials page.

Latest Blog Reader Specials:

Phydlbitz Sock



Amazing Lace




Plus I just added 3 more Knitivi-TEEs this week.  These are all Men’s XL.  You can see other pictues of these and all the other beautiful shirts over on the Knitivi-TEEs page.

K-Tee-036-f K-Tee-037-f K-Tee-038-f

Knitterman Had Company!

My otherwise mundane afternoon got a fun visit!   My daughter-in-law, my oldest granddaughter, and both of my great-grandchildren came to explore tie-dyeing.

Everyone arrives fresh and ready to dye…Granddaughter Angel, great-grand Micheal, great-grand Amarra, and daughter-in-law Leanne.  🙂


This is little Michael … my youngest great-grand


Apparently Amarrra was more tired than she appeared — she wasted no time finding a place to nap.


Meanwhile, I was mixing dyes so Angel could dye some baby shirts she brought.


You know… passing on a family craft (yes, that’s me behind the mask, in case anyone wonders).   🙂


Pulling a very sticky strip of tape off a jar of dye.  Very sticky.   Both gloves were getting more and more tangled; finally gloves and tape were all remove and disposed of.   Hehehehe.


I did the one before, and I was showing her how to do this one herself …..


which she did!


And then Amarra got to help on the last one!



And then Grampa Ray got to sit and snuzzle with the great-grands.  Well, at least for a little while.  Soon enough they were scrambling around exploring what this old man’s house is full of while the grown-ups had a chance to visit a while.



All in all, a fun afternoon for Grampa Ray.  Not sure the little ones will remember, but I don’t get to see any of the family very often so I make the most of it while I can.

Springy Lace!

On Saturday I received a small shipment of some interesting laceweight yarn:  45% ultra-fine Merino, 35% Cashmere, 20% Nylon.   Practically a cobweb, it is supposed to be 1500 yards per 100grams.   I don’t like to run up more than 1000 yards at a time on my skein winder, so I put this yarn up into 750 yard/50g hanks.

It is definitely a springy yarn, and draws up a lot, as you can see below in the picture.  As it was hanging on the rack I was able to gently pull it down almost as long as the Phydlbitz Sock.

You’ll notice the same color sequence within the lace and the sock:  that’s  because I dyed one laceweight with one sock yarn in each pouch. Since I have never used this laceweight base before I wanted to see how it behaves, and dyeing them together (to ensure the same dyes and other factors) is the best way I can think of for comparison.

For each pair, I used a single jar of pre-mixed dye solution, using leftover dyes from previous jobs.

The first pair of each set (#536 and 542) was dyed with what I thought was a brown-chestnut combination, but it appears I was mistaken as the colors seemed to separate themselves once it got into the steamer.

stunningFlashHere is the full rack as they are drying outside today.    The first six are the  45% ultra-fine Merino, 35% Cashmere, 20% Nylon lace weight, available for $18.00 apiece.   The other six are Phydlbitz Sock, 80/20 SWCorriedale/Nylon, 430 yards.  These will all be ready to ship on Friday (or before).  Make your selection and then just email me your request for the ones you want.

ALREADY CLAIMED:   536, 538, 540, 541, 542, 544

BRS16-MCN and Phyd- rack1

Southern Cassowary?

UPDATE 14Aug16: All of yarns unclaimed from the blog have now been posted to the Blog Reader Specials page.


Yesterday over on Facebook someone posted this picture of the Southern Cassowary.


Click for larger view

According to Wikipedia, the southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius) also known as double-wattled cassowary, Australian cassowary ortwo-wattled cassowary,[2] is a large flightless black bird. It is a ratite and therefore related to emu, ostrich, and theRhea and Kiwi genera.


Click for larger image

Of course, had I done my research before dyeing anything, I would have seen there is much more to this bird than just the grays and blues I saw on the face; there is the mostly black body, the red wattle, the brilliant blue throat/neck, and the large casque on top of the head. Nevertheless, I dyed what I saw in the first image.  Or at least what I thought I saw.  And there is always another opportunity to do a different version, right?  🙂

My attempt at capturing the colors I saw are shown on the Lovely Sock (#522 & 523) and the Primo Lace (#534 & 535), shown below.

Altogether there are 6 Lovely Sock and 8 Primo Lace; fiber content, yardage, and price as indicated on the photo.   All the Primo Lace were dyed as Twinsets, but you are free to claim just one of a set.  On the Lovely Sock, #522 & 523, and #524 & 525 are a Twinset.  The other two are Singles. Twinset pairs are skewed to show the full range of colors within each Twinset.

To claim the one(s) you want, send me an email with the item numbers you’d like.  Be sure to check the Blog Reader Specials page to see if you’d like any there as well.  These new yarns will be ready to ship on Monday.

All the one unclaimed from the rack are now posted on the Blog Reader Specials page. Click there to see which yarns remain available.  


Click to view larger image.