The Future of Lace

When I started with my current supplier they had four different lines of laceweight yarn.  One was very expensive and I didn’t care for it, so I didn’t much notice or care when that went away.   Then they had the base for Primo Lace (80/20 Merino/Silk), Knitterman’s Lace (100% Merino), and Indulgence Lace (70/30 Baby Alpaca/Cultivated Silk).   The Knitterman’s Lace was discontinued last year (along with Knitterman’s Fingering – 100% Superwash Corriedale, if I remember correctly), and they recently announced that they were discontinuing the base for Indulgence Lace.

I put out the word that it was going away and opened the door for several people to buy cones for my inventory in exchange for securing hanks for themselves in the future, in this case $120 for a cone, with 3 hanks for the buyer — the dyed hanks are $40 each, so it is a win/win, since the customer gets their hanks with shipping included, and I get the remaining hanks of a cone for other sales.

I got five cones that way, which arrived this past week, and then another customer asked if the  supplier had any more available.   So I asked, and this is part of their response:

Hi Ray

We should have stock for a few more weeks.

We have not had much success with lace.  Perhaps we don’t have the right products or since it takes longer to complete a lace project, knitter gravitate to other weight yarns—they want more instant gratification.

We do have a “heavy” lace we will be introducing in 6 to 8 weeks; it’s about 2300yds/lb and is a wool/silk product.  we will look at other lace constructions as well.  [The Indulgence Lace base] was an old product, close to 8 years old.  It had just run its course.


So…. they do have a little bit left, but they won’t be restocking it.  That’s a shame, as it was my most lovely lace weight yarn.  But if anyone else wants to buy a cone for me to set some aside for them, please let me know and I’ll take care of it for you.   Each 2 pound cone is $120, and you’ll get the first 3 hanks (~730 yards/100 grams) set aside for you — OR you can claim a future BRS when I dye the rest of the cone.

But let’s have some input on the other issues he mentioned:  Is the Primo Lace (80/20 Merino/Silk) not the right product for lace-knitters? Are there better laceweight products that my supplier might want to consider?   Or are knitters wanting heavier  yarns for faster knitting?

What about this new product coming — the heavier wool/silk product that works out to about  575 yards for a 4-ounce hank.  Keep in mind that the Primo Lace is 1000 yards for 100 grams, so this new product would be heavier, but not as heavy as Phydlbitz Sock (430 yards/4 oz.)

Instead of buying more of the Indulgence Lace, do I hold off and see what this new lace product is like?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Indulge Yourself!

This batch of Blog Reader Specials is entirely Indulgence Lace – 70% Baby Alpaca / 30% Cultivated Silk, ~730 yards – and they were all dyed as Twinsets, as a matter of convenience, but there’s no obligation to take both if you don’t need both.

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, my supplier is discontinuing this line of yarn, and once they have depleted their current inventory, I will no longer be able to get it.  I was able to get five cones, which arrived this week (some of which has already been spoken for), and I’ve sent an email to see how much more is yet available.

When these go to the Blog Reader Specials page, they will be $40 apiece, but for TODAY (and Tomorrow) ONLY, you can claim the ones you want for $35.00.   To claim yours, just email me with your numbered selection, and be sure I know what state or country they will ship to so I can calculate the right costs into your invoice.

#45-46  and #49-50 are variations of the Mother of Pearl colorway.   Even when I follow the recipe exactly, they never ever manage to come up the same way.   When they are reskeined the colors will all blend together, much like a chip of Mother-of-Pearl.  The sheen of the silk adds an interesting lustre without giving it a full-on shine.  And, of course, being alpaca/silk, the feel is definitely luxurious!

As always, these are one-of-a-kind dye jobs, and first-come/first served.   🙂

All the unclaimed are now posted on the Blog Reader Specials page; click there to see which ones remain at the time of your visit here.  

Yarn of the Day – 5 Jan 17

Many of my Yarn-of-the-Day posts on Facebook have been Twinsets.

But here’s an idea — what would happen if you combined these two yarns, knitting them together?  Knitting two dissimilar colors often creates an entirely new, and often unexpected, colorway that comes alive with both the dissimilar colors AND the dissimilar way the variegations play against each other.   🙂

I combined a yellow and a green laceweight yarn when I knitted the Devyn Rae Scarf: 

Now through Sunday (8Jan17), if you take any NON-identical  Primo Lace yarns, I will send you the Devyn Rae Scarf pattern for free.   🙂  Just visit the Blog Reader Specials page and let me know by email which two Primo Lace yarns you want.

First BRS of the Year Now Ready!

That big load I showed on Sunday, on the preview racks, is now uploaded to the Blog Reader Specials page, and ready to ship!  You’ll need to click through to the BRS page to see which ones remain available at the time of your visit.   🙂

Here are the group shots for both the Phydlbitz Sock and the Primo Lace collections.  There were so many that I did not lay them all out in neat rows this time.

Here’s the bin of Phydlbitz Sock:

and here’s the bin of Primo Lace:


Happy New Yarns!!

I was delaying the news batch of yarns in order to have a GREAT start for 2017!   Friday and Saturday I dyed 40 (yes FORTY) new hanks, 20 Phydlbitz Sock and 20 Primo Lace.

I had set out to do all Twinsets, but #1 and #10 got mismatched when #1 rubbed against something green, so they are definitely NOT a Twinset any more.   Oh well….

Anyway, Phydlbitz is normally $26.00 and Primo is normally $32.00.  For today and tomorrow (Sunday and Monday only), Phydlbitz is $22.00 and Primo is $28.00.  On Tuesday they will go to the Blog Reader Specials page at the regular prices.

I have arranged the Twinsets to show off all the colors within each pair, and indicated which ones are Twinsets.  You do NOT have to take both hanks of a pair, of course.  I just do it this way to make it easier for those who like enough yarn for a larger project.

To claim the ones you want, just email me with your numbered selections, and be sure I know your state or country so I can calculate the correct shipping.   These will be ready to ship on Tuesday.

Please note, there are FOUR pictures, so keep scrolling down to see them all.  🙂

All of the unclaimed yarns are now uploaded to the Blog Reader Specials page, so go there to see which ones remain available.   

Phydlbitz Sock, rack 1

Phydlbitz Sock, Rack 2 

Primo Lace, Rack 3

Primo Lace, Race 4