Quad Set – “Barista Collection”

Yesterday I showed you the Party Time Quad set on Phydlbitz Sock.

Today I offer up the Barista Collection on Knitterman’s Lace – 100% Merino laceweight.  Each mini-hank is 250 yards; each Quad set is 1000 yards total.  Just email me how many you’d like, and I will process your request.  They will be marked as Blog Reader Specials, as well as named on the label.

Still Available: 4 3 2 1  ALL GONE  == more has been requested, so will come next week.

Espresso (really, it’s not black, but an espresso dye — a superdark brown, in the sunlight you can see the reddish undertones in there),  Cafe Americano, Spiced Tea, and Sweet-and-Blonde.



Quad-Set – “Tea Party”

Yesterday I showed you the Woodstain QuadSet on Phydlbitz Sock.

Today, we have Tea Party, another Quadset of Phydlbitz Sock; each set is made of four mini-hanks of Phydlbitz Sock (75/25 SWCorriedale/Nylon), at ~120 yards each, or ~480 yards per Quadset.  And each is available for $30.00 apiece.

These would be great for bold striped socks, of course, but consider all the various high-contrast combinations  you could make for intarsia or other color-stranded work.  These skeins were dyed specifically NOT to be a gradient continuous scale of color, but strong contrasts with deep and medium purples, and bold and quiet pinks.

Each of these can be had by sending me an email and requesting one or more.   And you are welcome to combine your request with any of the other Blog Reader Specials or  the yarns I showed yesterday.  And don’t forget that each person making any orders this week before Friday will be entered into a random drawing to receive the beautiful ceramic Raven shawl pin I showed yesterday in the previous post.

Tea Party Quad Set – 4 3 still available

BRS16-QuadSet-Phyd-TeaParty-1 BRS16-QuadSet-Phyd-TeaParty-2


The shawl pin shown below will be given to one person, to be selected at random among all customers purchasing yarn between now and next Friday.   No entry required, no bidding, no special requests — just make a yarn purchase in the next 7 days and your name will be included in the randomized drawing.  Winner will be announced next Saturday, May 28.  Be sure to check out the most recent blog posts below as well as the growing collection of Blog Reader Specials that are still available.

I recently received one of these beautiful shawlpins, straight from the artist: Sarah Lukes, and I knew it had to go to a Knitivity knitter.  Actually she showed one just like it on Facebook, preparing for a fiber arts show.  I’ve not personally seen similar shawl pins, and I just had to have one to share with someone who appreciates nice yarn and all the goodies that go with it.  🙂    About an inch and a quarter wide and two and half inches long, it will stand out without being obtrusive.  And having a miniature knitting needle as the pin makes this a perfect accent piece for your knitted garment.

shawlPin-SarahLukesSarah runs “Seattle Sky Dyeworks” and has a variety of shawl pins, buttons, and even yarns — you really need to go and see all that she has!  (And tell her Ray at Knitivity sent you!)   🙂

As she describes it:

Ceramic Raven Shawl Pin ~ Raku Fired ~  Wire Wrapped

Ravens are incredibly intelligent and absolutely stunning.

This shawl pin is about 1.3″ at it’s widest, is wrapped with your choice of silver or copper wire, and finished with a miniature bamboo knitting needle. The wire is semi malleable so that you can adjust the pin as necessary to fit your piece.

Each piece is individually glazed and fired so there will be variants from pin to pin.


New BRS and new Quadset

Not sure what to call this new line of yarn officially, so we’ll just call it AMS-Worsted — 50% Fine Alpaca, 30% Merino, 20% Silk, in a worsted weight 250 yard hank.

I’m not entirely sure if I like how it behaves in the dye process, but it does look lovely hanging to dry.

Normally these would be $33.00 each, but as a new item I’m putting them at $30.00.  You can claim the ones you want by sending me an email, and make sure to include your location if you’ve not ordered before.  These will be ready to ship on Tuesday.

Already Claimed: 338, 339, 342


Also available are four Phydlbitz Sock Quadsets, in a combination I’m calling Woodstain.   Each mini-hank is ~120 yards apiece, and the total Quad set of four mini-hanks is ~480 yards — more than enough for a pair of socks, but also plenty for a gradient shawl or scarf or other project.  There are only 4 of these available, so first-come, first-served.  Each Quadset is larger than single skeins of Phydlbitz Sock, and are $30.00 apiece.

You can claim the ones you want by sending me an email, and make sure to include your location if you’ve not ordered before.  I was aiming for something a little different, but they turned out with a more definite redness in them and reminded me of the wall of wood-stain sample chips at Sherwin-Williams long ago.  🙂

Still Available:  4 3 2  1

QuadSet-Woodstain-Phyd-1 QuadSet-Woodstain-Phyd-2


Post-Carpet Blog Reader Specials!

So, the carpet installation took far too long, and for all the wrong reasons, but it is done now.   Oh, and did I mention that there wasn’t enough carpet to do the workroom?  Yeah, I emptied it out for nothing.  I spent much of the week sorting through stuff, since I determined that I would not put anything back into the work room that I did not seriously want and intend to use.

But yesterday I set myself to dye more yarn — partly for the money, but mostly just to get my head out of that horrible mental state — I just couldn’t keep asking “Keep? Trash? Donate?” for every little thing I picked up.  That is emotionally taxing and mentally draining!   Hopefully this next week will bring closure to this process.  🙂

I pulled a dozen Phydlbitz Sock and a dozen Knitterman’s Lace.   There are a few Twinsets, but lots of singles as well.   Both Phydlbitz and K-man’s Lace are normally $26.00, but each one claimed today or tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday only) will be for $22.00.   I aim to have these reskeined, labeled, and ready for shipping by Tuesday, but they might go out on Monday if the weather cooperates.

To claim the ones you want, just send me an email indicating the numbered items you want, and make sure to let me know your state or country if you’ve not ordered previously.  I will answer all requests in the time-stamp order on your email request.

All have been posted to the Blog Reader Specials page, so go there to see which ones are still available.

First up, the Phydlbitz Sock – 75/25 SWCorriedale/Nylon, 430 yards.  Twinset #311 & 312 are the familiar “Journal” colorway, and Twinset #313 & 314 are a new variation of “Fairies in the Forest”.  It didn’t come up as I expected, but that’s okay.  The rest are singles.  #315 and #319 are two versions of “Wine and Cheese”

And the Knitterman’s Lace, 100% Merino lace, 1000 yards.  Twinset #323 & 324 are another version of “Fairies in the Forest”; the non-superwash Merino allows more dye migration but they are the same colors in a similar sequence as the Phydlbitz Twinset.