QuadSets – Knitterman’s Lace

I’ve been working on Quad sets for a week, trying to make them right.  Some have failed and I will have to do something else with those yarns, but these two sets turned out fairly well.

Each set is made up of four quarter-size hanks of Knitterman’s Lace — 100% Merino; each mini-hank is 250+ yards, and each set is 1000+ yards in total.  The darker tones in each set came out more variegated/tonal than the solid tones I was looking for, but those who saw previews on the rack said that was okay.  🙂

These are not numbered as regular Blog Reader Specials.  There are four Burgundy sets and four Midnight Green sets.  First come, first served, and all requests are taken in the order of their email time stamp, so be sure to email me and let me know which ones you want.

Each set is $30.00 apiece, plus shipping & handling.

Available:   ALL GONE
Burgundy:  4 3  2 1
Midnight Green: 4 3  2 1

Here are the Midnight Greens:



And here are the Burgundy sets:

QuadSet-KLace-Burgundy-1May16-1 QuadSet-KLace-Burgundy-1May16-2


I’ve been working on making sets.  Some have worked out, some have not.  I’ll have those available for showing later on.

Right now, here are my first adventures with Sparkle Sock – 92% Superwash Merino/8% Lurex, 409 yards, $29.00 apiece, along with an extra Tropic Sock (60/30/10 SWMerino/Bamboo/Nylon, 430 yards) for $26.00.    There is a close up shot of the Sparkle Sock down below.  You can see the sparkly part isn’t nearly so visible on the lighter skein (290-), but definitely visible on the other three.   As I suspected this type of yarn works better with darker or more saturated colors.

You may claim any of them you want by sending me an email and requesting by their indicated numbers.  These will be ready to ship on Tuesday.

Already Claimed:  289, 290, 291, 292



End of the Month is here!

Yup, it’s the End of the Month BRS Bin Clearance again!

April 28-30 – Pick your discount!  

  • Claim One – get 10% off
  • Claim Two – get 20% off
  • Claim Three or more – get 30% off!

All discounts will be calculated on your invoice; shipping will occur with the next pass of the mail carrier following payment.  

Just click over to the Blog Reader Specials page and make your selections.  As always there is only one of each item, and they are always first-come, first served, based on the email time-stamp of your request (not blog comments, Facebook queries, Twitter tweets, PMs/DMs, etc.)

It’s all in the Squeeze!

I have used paint brushes, teaspoons, turkey basters, and other devices, but hair dye applicator bottles are my main tools for putting dye onto yarn.  Some of them I have had for almost 9-1/2 or 10 years.   And over time, many of the  tops would crack and dribble dye where I didn’t want it, so I’d have to pitch them.  Just recently I noticed I was down to only 6 or 8 tips, which meant the rest of the bottles had to share tips, OR I’d have to wash one out to re-use it immediately for some other color.   Neither option was really efficient, and getting worse as tip after tip was getting pitched.

I have been using these bottles for so long that when I want back to Sally Beauty Supply to get more, they no longer stock this model.  That’s sad.  Many of my color recipes are built on an 8-ounce squeeze bottle.     So I got the closest thing I could find.   Fifteen of them, in fact.

But now I’m not sure I can tell the difference between the old and the new.   Can you?


Seriously, though, the original ones were once-upon-a-time as clear as the new ones.  And the markings were MUCH more clear on the old ones.  I may have to do some strategic marking with a permanent marker or something on the new ones.

Also, the new ones, being taller and more slender, they are top-heavy and tip easily.   Fortunately, a while back I ordered what I thought was a clever thing for making even slices in homemade bread.  Turned out the damn thing wasn’t as clever as I thought, and I was disappointed for several reason.   But I’m glad I saved it!   removing the plastic barriers and the crumb trivet, the box itself is JUST right for holding all 15 new squeeze bottles!    YAY, me!   I don’t care about the plastic barriers, but I’d like to find a new use for the crumb trivet that used to fit into the box.  newbottles2

The Rest is now Posted!

My part of Houston is drying out, the rain has stopped, and I was  able to reskein all the latest Blog Reader Specials yesterday and got pictures today of all the ones that weren’t claimed — the ones that were claimed were packed and shipped today.  🙂

All of the unclaimed ones are now posted on the Blog Reader Specials page, so  click through there and see what is available at the time you are reading; unlike the preview pictures, once yarns go to the BRS page, I don’t update the blog pages to show which are claimed.

Here are the group shots for each group:

First the Phydlbitz:


And then the Knitterman’s Lace:BRS16-21Apr-kmansLace-all

And the collection of bamboo blend yarns: BRS16-21Apr-MerinoBamboo-all