A Few More for you!

Since I won’t be dyeing again until the weekend, I decided to add a few extra Blog Reader Specials into the mix today.   There are two of the SWMerino Fingering (420 yards) and three of the MCN Sock (80/10/10 SWMerino/Cashmere/Nylon, 480 yards).    All are listed individually on the Blog Reader Specials page and are ready to ship, and are eligible for this week’s Knitivity Insider deal.  (If you aren’t receiving the Knitivity Insider mailings, you might be missing spontaneous deals and weekend specials.)


And now, something entirely new

Well, not entirely new, just new-to-me.

Dez and Lisa are working on a project, and I was enlisted to work up the lining for it.  Dez asked me to use a dye technique I’ve never done before, so I’ve been looking up ways to do it before committing myself to their project.

This is what I started with, a plain white t-shirt.

IceDye-TshirtBeforeAnd this is what I ended up with:

IceDye-TshirtAfterI’m still exploring some other options, finding all sorts of different dye techniques more appropriate for cottons and silks.

I used an old, used t-shirt for this first experiment.  Now that I’ve seen further options, I may use up some of my other t-shirts to experiment.

There are LOADS of t-shirt dyers on Etsy already, and I don’t think this is something I would enjoy doing on a large scale or on a regular basis, but if you think  you would like a one-of-a-kind t-shirt similar to this, let me know — reader opinions guide a lot of my decisions!


Working with “Tea Party”

A few weeks ago I showed you the Phyldbitz Sock QUAD set called “Tea Party”.   Here’s one of the two Tea Party Quad sets still available on the Blog Reader Specials page:

BRS16-353I was playing with an idea in my head, and I wanted to see how it would play out in real life, so I took one of the Tea Party Quad sets and started a shawl or scarf.  it’s not quite finished yet — I haven’t figured out how to end it — but here is the progress so far, with my foot stuck into frame for size perspective.

crescentShawl5I wanted to use as much as I could from each color before taking the next, but I didn’t want just plain hard-line color changes, so I tried to estimate the end of a ball and started alternating stripes into the next color.  And as it turned out, there wasn’t enough of each color to make even one more row. I was surprised to discover that my estimations yielded 6, then 4, then 2 stripes — it wasn’t planned to be such a neatly decreasing stripe sequence, just a happy accident.

I am doing this one by hand.  Once I am done, I will rework the edges — they feel too firm, not stretchy or ‘fluid’ enough for my liking — and come up with an easy-to-follow pattern so that you can make one like this from a QUAD set.  🙂


Introducing Walky-Socky!

ClickSubscribeKnitivityInsiderTime for another new-to-me sock yarn:  Walky-Socky!

Yeah, I know, it’s a silly name, but a good yarn just the same:  it is 75% Superwash Merino/ 15% Nylon/10% Tencel — all good fibers to make your socks strong for wearing, strong for walking — and comes in at 440 yards for a 4oz hank, and $25.00 apiece.

I’ve not used this particular base (for dyeing OR for knitting) so I tried to use as many different colors to see how it came up; it seem to take up the dye a little differently than my other yarns, probably because of the Tencel content.   There are five Twinsets this time, no singles, but you do not have to take both hanks of a Twinset.  With so many people using various sock yarns as their go-to fingering weight for light summer shawls, I wanted to be sure there is enough matching yarn for a project calling for 800+ yards.  Since I have not knit with this base, I would be interested in your feedback for how it feels to work with.

#412 & 413 have a unique “feature” — some of the blue that I used didn’t dissolve entirely in the solution, and some tiny speckles of dye molecules migrated into the other colors before dissolving completely in the steamer.  I happen to like the effect, but some might not.

Each of the Twinsets were dyed side by side in their pouches, and are shown slightly skewed from their partners, so that you can see the full range of colors  within each Twinset.

These will be ready for shipping on Friday, and will go to the Blog Reader Specials page tomorrow afternoon.  You may claim the ones you want  by emailing me your numbered selections; be sure to let me know your destination state or country so I can calculate the correct shipping and handling.  PayPal will collect your full shipping address.

All are now posted to the Blog Reader Specials page — check there to see which are still available.


All New Quad Sets!

Since someone asked for more of the Barista Collection Quad sets on Knitterman’s Lace, I did another set, plus two other sets!

BRS16-391 – 393 — Phydlbitz Sock, 75/25 SWCorriedale/Nylon, 430 yards – $26.00

#394-405 are all Knitterman’s Lace and will be broken down into Quad Sets;  each Quad set will have a mini hank of each of the four colors in its set:   Barista Collection, Winestain Fade, and “My Garden Exploded.   Each minihank has 250 yards, so the full Quad set will have 1000 yards, same as a regular skein of Knitterman’s Lace.

The darkest one in the Barista Collection is supposed to be dark-dark-darkly brown, and is currently being re-dyed.  I’m not sure why it washed out to gray, but it will be corrected to be similar to the previous Barista Collection (see picture further down).  The other three colors in this set came out better, or at least more to my liking than the previous version.  (Note:  The redyed version is shown below the numbered version.)

Winestain Fade runs from a dark dark burgundy to as pale as I could make it.

“My Garden Exploded” — it happened because of a mistake, and the only way I could fix it was to make the same “mistake” on three other contrasting skeins!   🙂   Each skein is a tonal/variegated version of the base colors, and each has at least two different colors applied.

When these are re-assembled into their appropriate Quad Sets and are moved to the Blog Reader Specials page they will be listed at $30.00 apiece.   If you claim them before Wednesday, you can have them for $26.00 apiece.

To claim any of these, email me and let me know which ones you want, either the Phydlbitz Sock by number, or the Quad sets by name.   These will ship on Thursday, if not Wednesday — depends on how quickly they get dried and reskeined into their Quad sets.

All have been posted to the Blog Reader Specials page. Check there for current availability.


There is the picture with the redyed darkest skein for the Barista Collection.  (Later in the day and the sun is playing behind the trees, making funny shadows.)


The upper right yarn is how the darkest skein is supposed to be in the Barista Collection and the final will be that color or better.