The Hat! It Grows!

Yesterday I started over with the BFL Sport weight  yarn.   I cut the tube scarf and started a hat, with a folded hem, and now I’m into the crown.   I have discovered several ‘mistakes’ already, but at this point, I really don’t care much.

I LIKE how the folded up hem looks, and it gives me an idea for a different type of sweater collar, split in the middle, but as a collar I would still seam the inner and outer layers.   And, believe it or not, that really is BLUE, not charcoal.  :-)

By the way, I am using a Size 7 circular.  Sport weight is normally done on a 3, 4, or 5 needle, but because I am stranding and want to avoid bunching, it is good to go up 2 or 3 sizes and knit loosely.

Also, I already have my own favorite winter caps, so i don’t really need another one for myself.  Once this is washed and blocked, it will be up for sale.  I’m hoping to have it done in another week or two, so it will be ready to ship in time for you to give as a gift for someone who needs a warm wool beanie cap.   Because it is double strand throughout, it will definitely be warm — especially for a baldie.   :-)


A new thing begun!

Earlier today I showed you the progress of the tubescarf, and announced my intention to do something different, since I like the way the red is banding.

I cut the yarns and set that aside, and started over on the knitting machine.  With a provisional cast-on, I started with blue for the inner hem, switched to red for the outer hem, and then manually converted half the stitches to create a 1×1 ribbing. Once that was done, I caught the provisional cast-on behind the red stitches, and knit them together, thus creating the hem now rather than sewing it up later.  I took it off on a size 1 needle just to hold the stitches while I removed the waste yarn from top and bottom.

Machine knitting can be ‘messy’, with waste yarn, ravel cord, and far too many loose tails than seems reasonable, so I didn’t photograph any of that.

Here it is at this point now, at 95 stitches across.  I’ll knit it onto my Size 7 circular, adding roughly 10% more stitches, so I get a multiple of 4, plus 1.  That will allow me to continue the swirl without interruption.



Change of Plans!

Last Tuesday I said I was knitting a tubescarf with some BFL sportweight yarn that did not sell, and I showed a picture of early progress.

I’ve been knitting along, pondering its future.  And last night I noticed something — the red was showing definite banding.  I like it.  A lot.  But not for a scarf any more.


I’m not going to rip this out, just cut the yarn and start over on a hat.  I’ll do a hemmed 1×1 ribbing on the bottom, and use Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi method for decreasing at the crown so I don’t lose the spiraling.

And because the inside is correctly stranded, it offers a different lovely pattern as well, so the hat will be reversible.  :-)


Since I intend to use a provisional cast-on with hemmed ribbing, I will do that part on the machine.  It will mean I have to seam the sides of the ribbing at the end, but that’s easier than spending hours on ribbing, when I’d rather spend those hours on the pattern stranding in the body of it.

Thanksgiving Video Conference

UPDATE 2:  Here is the direct link:

UPDATE:   Okay, so I went in and figured how to start the conversation, and it provides a direct link to join the conversation, so  I will come back around 9:50 CST and post the link directly into the conversation

I nearly forgot that today is already Wednesday and tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I promised to post plans for video conference tomorrow.

So, here’s my plan.  At 10:00 a.m. tomorrow (Central Standard Time) , I will open a Google+ Hangout, that I will tentatively call “Knitterman’s Thanksgiving” and it will be set to “public” or “open” so all you have to do is go your Google+ account and look for the hangout with that name.   If it is anything different I will come back  here and change the information.

What you need is a webcam and a Google+ account.  Then go to Google Hangouts (I just discovered it’s now a separate service and hard to find on its own) and search for Knitterman’s Thanksgiving and you should be able to join, up to 10 participants at a time.     I will be there from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., or if there’s a good crowd we’ll just keep talking a visiting.  :-)

If there are some who wish to ignore the dishes from their Thanksgiving meal and would rather chat and visit in the evening, I may open a Hangout in the evening, around 6:00 or 7:00 — I will come back here to confirm.

I will also post on Google+, Facebook, and elsewhere when i’ve opened the chat.


These Phydlbitz Twinsets were previously posted on the Blog Reader Specials page, but they’ve not sold yet; I thought I’d show them together since some of the original photos don’t make it clear just how Twinset-y they are.

They are all Phydlbitz Sock (75/25 superwash/nylon, 430 yards), and normally they are $26.00 apiece.  But, if you claim them here, and include “Gimme Gimme” in your request, you can have any of these four Twinsets for $40 the pair.

But if you don’t need any Twinsets, you can always claim just one of the pair, OR select from any of the vibrant yarns still remaining on the  Blog Reader Specials page.   :-)

These are all now spoken for.  :-) 

BRS15-Twinset-468-469 BRS15-Twinset-460-461BRS15-Twinset-480-481