Thanksgiving Video Conference

I nearly forgot that today is already Wednesday and tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I promised to post plans for video conference tomorrow.

So, here’s my plan.  At 10:00 a.m. tomorrow (Central Standard Time) , I will open a Google+ Hangout, that I will tentatively call “Knitterman’s Thanksgiving” and it will be set to “public” or “open” so all you have to do is go your Google+ account and look for the hangout with that name.   If it is anything different I will come back  here and change the information.

What you need is a webcam and a Google+ account.  Then go to Google Hangouts (I just discovered it’s now a separate service and hard to find on its own) and search for Knitterman’s Thanksgiving and you should be able to join, up to 10 participants at a time.     I will be there from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., or if there’s a good crowd we’ll just keep talking a visiting.  :-)

If there are some who wish to ignore the dishes from their Thanksgiving meal and would rather chat and visit in the evening, I may open a Hangout in the evening, around 6:00 or 7:00 — I will come back here to confirm.

I will also post on Google+, Facebook, and elsewhere when i’ve opened the chat.


These Phydlbitz Twinsets were previously posted on the Blog Reader Specials page, but they’ve not sold yet; I thought I’d show them together since some of the original photos don’t make it clear just how Twinset-y they are.

They are all Phydlbitz Sock (75/25 superwash/nylon, 430 yards), and normally they are $26.00 apiece.  But, if you claim them here, and include “Gimme Gimme” in your request, you can have any of these four Twinsets for $40 the pair.

But if you don’t need any Twinsets, you can always claim just one of the pair, OR select from any of the vibrant yarns still remaining on the  Blog Reader Specials page.   :-)

These are all now spoken for.  :-) 

BRS15-Twinset-468-469 BRS15-Twinset-460-461BRS15-Twinset-480-481


Meanwhile, a scarf is born

So, now that the Blog Reader Specials are posted, and all my available yarn is dyed, I’m rather in a pickle — until yarn sells, i have no money coming in for bills OR buying more yarn.  So I am using up yarn to knit stuff to sell, and maybe that will help prime the pump.   I realize this is the weekend before a major holiday, so a lot of people are focused in that direction, so not everyone is buying yarn.

Anyway, quite a while back I did up some BFL Sport weight yarnsBRS15-379


They didn’t sell and I even tried to sell them as a bundled pair for a discount, but still they sat around.  Maybe it was the daylight pictures that turned people off.  Or the fact that it was BFL Sport (not a big seller anyway).

No matter.  I’ve balled them up and started a scarf on my own.  Just a simple tube scarf, but it shows the contrasts better.  Using a Size 7 circular needle, casting on 80, with a marker at before 1 and 41, I made about a dozen rounds of 1×1 ribbing, then 1 round of knit while increasing 6 stitches evenly around.  On either side of the markers I’m doing 1 stitches of purl for a ‘fake seam’, using red at one marker and blue at the other.  I’l continue this basic pattern until it is either long enough or until the yarn runs out, at which time I will remove those extra 6 stitches and do a similar length of 1×1 ribbing in the blue.


That yellow marker indicates where the blue fake seam purl stitches are.   I’ll get some inside shots when it’s long enough to turn inside out better for showing.  I’m using all four stitches as used in the Philosopher’s Wool technique for Fair Isle, although this is not Fair Isle knitting because I am only using two colors and not changing yarns at all.  This is simply stranded work, done using the Fair Isle technique for avoiding floats.


Such variety!

Okay, I got the BRS loaded and ready to go, over on the Blog Reader Specials page.  Several light-hearted skeins, plus a bunch of dark-and-sophisticated combinations as well.  I make them in different batches to deliberately avoid using the same limited palette over the whole collection.  And, through tonight, if you claim any two or more, I’ll take $2.00 off each skein.

#460-461 are a range of browns/wheats.

#466-467 are sprinkles of happy colors, perfect for a newborn blanket.

#476-477 look like a desert sunset, while #480-481 remind me of Moonrise Over Midnight Bay.

These are all Phydlbitz Sock, dyed as Twinsets, but you don’t have to take both skeins of a Twinset if you only need one.

BRS15-20Nov-Phyd1 BRS15-20Nov-Phyd2 BRS15-20Nov-Phyd3

In time for the holidays!

Along with the BRS that I made yesterday, I also did a few other little goodies, all of which are first-come, first served — just be the first to email me and tell me what you want.  Be sure to let me know your state or country so I can apply proper shipping/handling.  Also, be sure to check yesterday’s racks of Blog Reader specials in the previous blog post as well as over on the Blog Reader Specials page — if you claim any two or more of the Blog Reader Specials, I’ll take $2.00 off from each skein this weekend only.

First up are two sets of Christmas Triplets — each set has three half-size hanks (215 yards each) of Phydlbitz Sock (75/25 superwash/nylon), for a total of 645 yards per set.  Each set would be perfect for making a pair of holiday stockings, or one giant holiday stocking.

Two sets available; each set is $40.00.


And I also have one extra set of the Frivolous color combo, also on Phydlbitz Sock.  I made two sets, but one is already committed for an international flight on Monday (Hi, Debbie!), but this is an extra one that I made for whomever claims it first.   The Quad set is made of four mini-hanks of 125 yards each, or 500 yards for the full Quad set, at $30.00.