That doesn’t really help me

I love it when people share links, either to the blog here, or one of my posts on Facebook, Ravelry, Google+, etc.  It’s great.

Yesterday I posted a link to the Knitivi-TEEs page, and someone else commented something like, “I like the concept but I don’t like his choice of colors.”  And, of course, that is a perfectly acceptable statement.  Nobody is obligated to like my colors or anything else about what I do.

For now, my color selections are based on what contrasts well from a limited variety of dyes, plus I am right now just trying to master the techniques for making identifiable shapes and designs, so there will very well be some unusual combinations.  That’s okay.

As you all (probably) know, I do work alone, but I don’t work in a vacuum.  I thrive on other people’s comments, suggestions, ideas, requests, inspirations, and everything else.  And especially when my regular customers let me know what they want, I do try to make it happen as best I can.

So, while saying “I don’t like his choice of colors” is a perfectly valid opinion, it isn’t really helpful.  It  just tells me “don’t do this again” but doesn’t give me some other direction to go.

Even though making t-shirts isn’t my main focus, it is a skill I am working on in order to supplement my income, and I need to know what people DO like — color combinations, design ideas, etc.  I’ve already gotten a request for a Pride Spiral Tee.   What else would you like to see?  What would you like to wear?  Should I specialize in a particular design with many colors, or make many designs in a limited palette so people  come to know it is a Knitivi-TEE?

The more feedback I get, the better I can sharpen my skills to make you happy.

How Very Lovely!

Yes…. this whole rack is entirely Lovely Sock yarns – 80/20 SW Merino/Nylon, 430 yards, $26.00.

I started the morning with a LOT of leftover dyes….


and did pretty well in using almost all of them!


And this is the result — a full rack of Singles, each individually dyed and ready for claiming!    Just email me with the number(s) of the ones you want (and if you’ve not ordered recently, be sure I know your state or country so I can calculate the right postage), and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

These will be ready to ship on Monday, and will go to the Blog Reader Specials page on Sunday at the regular price.   But if you are reading this here, and claim yours before Sunday, you will get $3.00 off each skein.  🙂

Already Claimed:  492, 494, 498, 500, 501, 502, 505, 506


Tie One On!

Okay, so you guys know I dye yarn, right?  And I’ve been dyeing yarn for my sole income for the last 10 years (I quit my “day job” for the State of Louisiana on April 21, 2006).  And I plan to continue dyeing yarn for the foreseeable future because there will always be knitters and there will always be new color combinations, new techniques, and new trends.

But for as long as I have been doing this, I have known that summer time is a hard time for selling yarn.  People are out vacationing, enjoying summertime outdoor activities, and so forth.   Typically my sales go down and my utility bills are double or even triple what they are the rest of the year.  And each summer I feel the  pinch.  A lot.

So, I am not giving up yarns, not at all.  I’m just expanding my dyeing empire!   🙂

This past Saturday one of my granddaughters came over and we explored the idea of dyeing t-shirts!   She did a couple, I did a couple, and then after she left I did a couple more.  You can click on any of the pictures to see them full size.

First she selected one of the spiral variations on a shirt for herself, and I made a skull face for her brother. Her spiral came out looking like …. Ta-DAA!! A SPIRAL!   Very cool.    I’m not fond of the skull design, anyway, so I probably won’t do more of those.


Then we both made (an attempt at) heart shapes.  Someone on Facebook commented they look almost like brain scans, so obviously this is one design I need to practice some more on; lots of people like hearts, and i want mine to be recognizable.





And then after Devyn left I did another spiral and a rollercoaster.  This version of the spiral is the one commonly seen.


There are loads of techniques and tutorials for all sorts of shapes and designs — some of which are incredibly common (almost pedestrian) as well as some very intricate ideas.  Since this is not something I contemplate doing a lot of, I want to get really good at a dozen or do designs, so that I can execute the shapes and then make them unique with various color combinations.

And, as this “ties” in with the yarn dyeing — I would LOVE to be able to take some of my regular colorways and make them available in yarns with matching t-shirts, or even tote bags, which would be awesome holiday gifts.  

Again, this isn’t to replace the yarns, but to supplement my income in a related-but-different market.   Doing something on my own behalf is certainly better than stressing through the summer months, wondering if I’ll make it until the fall.   😀

By the way, the spiral is a size Large and rollercoaster is a size X-Large, and will be available for  purchase.   I just need to do some research on pricing before I post them for sale officially.

Update (27Jul16) — The XL “Roller Coaster” is now sold.  🙂
The size L “spiral” remains available for $20 + s/h.  Just email me if you want to claim it.  

Newest BRS now posted!

I really like this week’s batch!   I’ve just uploaded all the latest Blog Reader Specials over onto the Blog Reader Specials page, so that’s were you need to look to see which ones are already claimed.

Here are the group shots; first, two sets of Phydlbitz Sock (75/25 SW Corriedale/Nylon, 430 yards), and then two sets of Primo Lace (80/20 Merino/Silk, 1000+ yards)







“After Hours” is back!

What a fun set of Blog Reader Specials for you this week!   There are 12 Primo Lace and 12 Phydlbitz Sock.

A few years ago I did something called “After Hours” — black, blackened purple, blackened blue, and blackened red — reminiscent of the wee hours of the morning, walking downtown and all is dark but the glow of red and blue neon lights reflecting in the rain-puddled sidewalks.  And then I did one without the blue (“Luscious”), and another without the red (“Indulgence”).   It became the “After Hours Collection” of colorways.

Yesterday I did a full set of these colorways again.   Actually I did Twinsets of each of them, in both Phydlbitz and Primo.  The different yarns react to the dye slightly differently, but they have the same colors applied from the same batches.

BRS16-AfterHoursPhydlbitz2 BRS16-AfterHoursPrimoLace2

The colors of the After Hours Collection are all Twinsets; the other six on each rack are individually dyed Singles.  These can be claimed off the rack before being posted to the Blog Reader Specials page on Sunday; just send me an email with your numbered selections and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.   These will be ready to shipping on Monday, July 18.


Phydlbitz Sock – 75/25 SW Corriedale/Nylon, 430 yards, $26.00.  See close-up of 476 down at the bottom — it is covered with tiny speckles!


Primo Lace – 80/20 Merino/silk, 1000 yards, $32.00


Here is the close up of #476 — little speckles of dye molecules that didn’t fully dissolve in the dye solution, but dissolved later in the steamer.