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A washcloth from days gone by — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for the reminder. Going to knit myself one of these. I think I made one when you first posted this and gave it away.

  2. OK – I’m over 65 & don’t remember if this is a worsted wt. cotton or a lighter wt cotton. Also – – what size needle (a good hint for the wt. of the yarn). Sorry to be so simple, but this looks really cool, but I’m not in the mood for experimentation . . . My point – I’ve got a bunch of both Patons “Grace” and Lion’s Cream & Sugar, so I can go either way. Just need more information about the pattern. Maybe it could be both – a wash cloth (lighter wt.) or a dish cloth (heavier wt.) Say what?

    • The version that I made, shown above, is on “Provence” which I think is a sport weight and I did it on a size 5 needle, same as I do all my washcloths. If you go with kitchen cotton (like Pisgah’s Sugar & Cream, or Peaches ‘n Cream, or other nicer kitchen cotton) I could use a 7 or 8 needle. Personally I wouldn’t use any of the kitchen cottons for washcloths or facecloths — the kitchen cottons are not mercerized and tend to lint quite a lot and fray; those yarns are okay for knitted dishcloths and crocheted potholders.