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In Praise of Panty Hose — 2 Comments

  1. If the fiber you’re getting this time is a thicker rope than the pencil roving you used before, you probably won’t need the pantyhose. Just tie the bundle together in two or three places before you soak it, and you can untie it and spread it out a little once it’s wet and you want to dye it. It can be hung over your drying rack just like yarn until it dries. Trust me, it will not fall apart.

  2. oh, okay, that’s good to know. There are several different types of fibers coming, plus a few balls of cotton yarn to experiment with. I am probably a worry-wort fussbudget. After accidentally felting an entire hank of single ply worsted weight that ended up looking like dreadlocks, I will proceed with caution. 🙂

    But so what about washings and rinsings? I usually do the post dye wash and rinse in the washing machine — no agitation, of course, just soaking and spinning out a few times.

    One of the techniques I planned to use with the stockings was to teabag it — let it thoroughly soak and saturate.