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Knitterman (logo) Needs a Make-over! — 4 Comments

  1. I’d be interested in working with you on a logo in exchange for yarn. 🙂 See the link above for examples of my work and information on the process. I’m mostly a traditional artist, but I could point you to some digital artists I know are open for commissions if you’d rather have that.

    • okay. Looking at your prices for a drawing, it works out to about the same as 2 skeins of yarn, as offered above. If you can keep the general premise of Knitterman (a plaid-shirt-and-jeans lumberjack type of macho-man, holding up yarn-and-needles OR holding a ball of yarn like Atlas; even better if the sleeves are rolled up workman style with muscled arms; shirt open with good chest — but not extreme or cheezy like a super muscle man) that would be great. I have a LOT of profile pics on my Facebook page (Ray Knitterman Whiting) so you can get an idea of general facial features – shortbuzzed hair cut, neat trimmed mustache, glasses. Basically, Knitterman should present the idea that ordinary dudes can handle yarns and knitting, they don’t have to be clichéd or ‘delicate’. On the other hand, of course, Knitterman is a superhero, sooo…. ???? hard to explain, but I’ll recognize him when I see him.