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Just the instructions? — 3 Comments

  1. Since I’m the one that suggested it, I’ll chime in. Just seems like it would be a much more efficient way for you to offer the “game.” And yes, I’d probably be interested. I think that they might make some inexpensive gifts for my knitting friends. On the other hand, I would buy one set of instructions and make several gifts, so maybe not a good idea for you???

  2. Have you copyrighted the instructions? If not, I’d strongly suggest doing that. And I’d add a note on them that they can only be used to make one set for personal use only. You don’t want someone buying the instructions and making multiple sets and selling them. They are your intellectual property and should be protected somehow.

  3. Yes, there’s a copyright notice at the top of the instructions currently, and any future versions (like, for making your own set) would also bear a copyright notice.