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Introducing: “Mambocat” — 13 Comments

  1. Ray – would it be possible to do a “browner” mambocat – with the blue/teal reduced down to about the same amount as the gold and the brown taking up most of the skein?

    And the reverse? primarily teal with just a flash of the gold and brown?

    • Leo, as a custom-dye, you can (nearly always) have it your way! 🙂
      That’s what the Special Instructions box is for. When you say
      “browner” I’m assuming you meant more of that brown and not a
      deeper/richer/darker brown, right?

  2. I just adore it. This is the most thoughtful thing from you! A colorway for my alter ego. Who could ask for anything more? HUGE HUGS coming your way!

  3. OK – I have to have some of that – a colorway so happy!! I just have to figure out what I’ll knit it to be & how much I’ll need. I’m thinking a long scarf & maybe a hat to go with it!

  4. Ray, that is gorgeous!! I love the way those colors compliment each other. You’re a color genius!

  5. Hi Ray-

    I’m really impressed with how well this came out…….and Dez, the original Mambocat really, really , really likes it.

    I’m going to have to make myself something out of this for when I have to go someplace cold. It’s fabulous.

    Mahalo and aloha,


  6. Ray it is gorgeous. I never think I am much of a brown person but I am really liking this- might be on my next socks order. 🙂
    Dez, happy birthday.