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BRS becoming YRK? — 8 Comments

  1. When I see “YRK” I don’t think Yarns, Ready to Knit. I think YURK. Not a particularly pleasant sound (at least the way I say it!).

    BRS doesn’t seem to be broke… but if I’m missing something here and you really need/want to change it, may I suggest? RFK (Ready for Knitting) or R2K (Ready to Knit)?

    And what about Hookers? 🙂

    • No, I don’t sell hookers here, just yarn and fiber. 🙂
      bwahahahaha … gawd, I crack me up!

      It’s just an idea I’m playing with, I’m not committed to changing Blog Reader Specials. Originally, of course, they were ONLY posted directly into the blog and not advertised elsewhere, so they really were specials for those who took the time to come to the blog and read it.

  2. Changing your branding is a bad idea in any business. If people are used to a name, keep it. Cute idea for a NEW line of stuff — perhaps kits? But I admit I think of Yurk, too.

    • True. I have enough trouble with branding as it is, I don’t need to confound the issue. I guess enough people realize what BRS/Blog Reader Specials means, even if the original meaning/intent has changed some.

  3. I like R2K (Tracy’s idea) better than YRK — though YR2K would also work to get away from the ‘yurk’ pronunciation. Y2G or YR2G — Yarn to Go or Yarn Ready to Go (though that could make yurg, which is almost as unfortunate a sound) might work.

  4. Also, unless you sell them already wound into a center-pull cake, I would consider calling them “ready to knit” to be false advertising. “Ready to knit”, to me, means that you get the package, open it, grab your needles, and cast on straight away without any delay.

    To compare to MREs… An MRE really is ready to eat. You unwrap it and shove it in your mouth. You don’t even have to microwave it. No preparation necessary.

    • yeah, that’s true…. not many people throw a hank on the swift and knit from the swift. BUT, you make a distinction worth pursuing. If people want ready-to-knit, they can pay for the added service. It takes about 5 minutes to reskein a hank, but 12-15 minutes to properly ball a hank.

  5. I think you should stick with Blog Reader Specials. It makes me feel like I got in on a great, secret deal because I know somebody in the biz.

    And, your yarns are special!

    Just my 2 cents.