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The Name Game! — 39 Comments

  1. Forest Floor (although I still like my original suggestion “tobacco road”

    • Cheryl: yeah that was good, too, but I have to think of my customers. A large portion of my customers are comfortable with many things in life, and I’m a smoker myself, but I try to keep Knitivity free of politics, religion, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc. But I may one day have a series of “adult” colorways, like “gym shorts”, “pasties”, “Granny’s Bloomers”…. 🙂

  2. While Mocha Swirl fits in with some of the other colourway names you have I have to officially vote for Writer’s Block.


    • I have a fondness for that name as well. It’s almost autobiographical, self-referential, or whatever that term would be.

  3. Winter Spice. Personally, I’d call it Cinnamon Swirl, it looks delicious!

  4. I thought of the bark of trees when I first saw this, so my vote is for Forest Floor.

  5. I like Mocha Spice — but that’s not one of your 4. So I’ll pick Mocha Swirl.

  6. I vote forest floor, as it kinda also reminds me of some of the petrified wood I’ve seen!

  7. Forest Floor as it would look perfect with a shawl I knitted in a yarn called Forest Canopy!

  8. My first thought was Winter Spice but when I read Writer’s Block inspiration I was sold. 😀

  9. I know I’m supposed to vote for one of the names above….but here’s another idea: Doe Skin. The yarn is all the colors of our lithe and lovely Michigan white tail deer.

    As for the list above, I vote for Winter Spice. Nutmeg and cinnamon YUM!

  10. I’m voting for Winter Spice, but I do love the concept of Writer’s Block. I now am craving a mocha latte with spices while I look at a blank screen and don’t know what to type.

  11. I have to go with Winter Spice because of the dominant brown family. To me the other names connote more colors, e.g. Mocha Swirl needs a bit of cream color, otherwise what is swirling? Should be foam or milk or something like that.
    Short answer: Winter Spice.

  12. Winter Spice – although I do relate to Writers Block, I think it would need some more red ink, too. So Winter Spice it is.

  13. My vote is Winter Spice. …. I think I will head to Starbucks for a Chai Frap!