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Oh, I don’t think so! — 5 Comments

    • Yeah, it’s not really the fault of Google+ – some really good knitters and crocheters there, and I’ve made several good customers there as well. It’s just these marketing people who seem to put anyone and everyone in their circles and then use their circles as their personal marketing database for cold-calling. Marketers do not care about specific industries — they just look for ways to link producers with consumers, while insinuating themselves into the middle to make money, without actually doing any of the work involved. But if these jokers can’t be bothered to first find out what I do and for whom, their overtures in my direction are laughable.

  1. Lots of scams here in UK tricking people into calling premium rate phone numbers which add huge charges to their phone bills. Anyone I don’t know asking me to call them gets ignored!