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The Peppercorn Stitch! — 2 Comments

  1. Well, I’ve watched your video and I thought it was great! You were easy to understand, and other than a slight focus issue, it was easy to see you making your stitches. Your speed was just about right, not hurried and not too slow and the number of repetitions you did was just about right. I picked up some scrap yarn and was able to duplicate your stitch right off. Your suggestion to stagger the catches was something I had never thought of, and it made a nice design on the reverse, so if you did use this on a baby blanket the back would be as interesting as the front.

    Now that you have this one under your belt, time to start thinking about your next one! Thank you!

    • Ahh yes, the focus! I have the Microsoft LifeCam because it was the most I could afford at the time (and, amazingly) least expensive on the rack at the time). Turned out it was one of the few models that Did Not Work with Linux. But then my Linux set up went bonkers and I’m back in Windows.

      I DO plan to get a newer, nicer WebCam as soon as I have some money set aside for it. But I DO appreciate the reminder to try to adjust the focus as best I can for the next time around. I appreciate the feedback. 🙂