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I Hate to Brag, But …. — 3 Comments

  1. wonderful! gives me an idea. you would not really need a
    fabric swatch, just think of vibrant aurora borealis colors
    in lace weight. could they merge into one another. . .
    i’m thinking. . . . . i am also thinking of a large amount
    of yarn to do one of MM’s shawls. so maybe quads of eight
    skeins might do.
    by the way, how could she not like these colors?

  2. Brag away – you did good! As you said in an earlier post, you don’t have computerized color matching and the equipment to dye perfectly. The beauty of hand dyed yarn in my mind is the fact that it isn’t dyed a perfectly solid color and has variations. Makes it one of a kind and much more interesting to work with and look at!