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More Quad Sets! — 10 Comments

  1. Ray, these are gorgeous! Will these be a regular item? I totally missed out on the purple sets and am verra sad… The tones are perfectly matched!

    • I will likely have 1 or 2 Quad set semi-regularly, in assorted colors and yarn-types as the mood strikes, or when people request a specific thing.

  2. Looks like the burgundy is a hit! I was lucky to get the teal set last time and it is even prettier in person than pictured. Looking for the perfect pattern to use it on now.

  3. These look fab, would you consider ever making them in 4 full size skeins, I would love to use them in a cabled sweater design I am working on?

    • Sure! They always start as full skeins before I break them down into mini-hanks. The primary issue with doing Quads is that some colors don’t lend themselves to this type of gradient process, so I wouldn’t feel right taking money on a custom order that may or may not turn out. By testing and playing and offering them as “pot-luck”, I feel confident with what I offer and show in pictures, rather than stressing over trying to match a specific request.

  4. Hello and thank you Ray!
    Once in awhile it pays to be up early. The BLUES look marvelous and I am
    excited that I was able to obtain the last three sets. I have a couple of
    ideas on how to knit them, having the 4th set would have been even better
    as many of MMario designs use up to 1600 yards. I am thinking of one of
    his PI or IP or square shawls. If it turns out big enough it could become
    a wedding present for one of my grand-daughters. Many thanks. Patricia

  5. Hello again, I too might be interested in full skein quads as well as one
    skein in quads. Will have a better idea of what I might want after I work out the spatial aspect. Also I am still thinking about Aurora Borealis colors.
    I have been collecting yarns (mostly from CTH and Wool2Dye4) and reading
    about natural dyes for quite a few years. I am still interested in the process, as well as raising the animals and spinning, but it seems my best bet is to let you do the dying and others the raising of and then the
    I am really looking forward to seeing this yarn but it might be awhile before it is actually on needles.
    Happy Sunning to you, Patricia

  6. Blue Quads arrived this afternoon. Well worth the wait, and I really did not have to wait. Ordered on the 17th and in my mailbox today. Ray many thanks again to you!

  7. Got mine today! You did a great job photographing them; the blues are exactly as pictured. Thanks for the cool flashlight, too!