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Grace Anne Baby Blanket! — 6 Comments

  1. I received the Grace Anne Baby Blanket today (see my order). Excited to start! However I can’t read the second column of directions on the first page (about 1/2 of the grey blanket pictured). I use regular-sized paper (8 in. by 11 in.) so can’t figure out what to do. HELP!

    Perhaps you could copy off the FOUR PARAGRAPHS on the right-hand page below the picture and send them on to me.

    THANK YOU for your help. KNIT ON, Jan

  2. Hi Ray
    I purchased this pattern but now can’t find it on my computer. How can I get another copy of it please?
    Margaret McCall

    • I have just found it on my computer, was well hidden!! Will get on to it soon.

    • Không, tôi không có một video hướng dẫn cho mô hình này.