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Backward Challenge Voting Now! — 9 Comments

  1. Bat-sh1t crazy reminds me of sugar skulls and dia de los muertos (apols for any incorrect spelling!)

  2. Point of fact, Ray. I actually prefer the Free Swim – I can see knitting something out of that. My daughter, who is staying with me loves Box of Rain. She likes the colors in Bat Shit Crazy, but admits she can’t imaging knitting something from it. Socks would have to be carefully planned. With a longer repeat, however, and the same colors, I can see doing entrelac socks to good effect out of BSC.


  3. Love free swim colours but whack a doodle name & colours are such a good combo. A great fun celebration of new found freedom to knit as kids are back in school 😉

  4. Wow! That was a really hard decision! They’re so different but definitely beautiful in their own way! You are an amazing artist!

  5. I liked BSC in its unskeined hank, it sure looks different , I did vote for free swim but do like BSC after looking a bit longer, it grows on you!!!

  6. Box of rain is so different that your past colorways and very different than any other indie dyer is doing. Love the darker blue “raindrops”. If you have any box of rain for sale in the future I’ll purchase it!

    • If this one doesn’t get the winning vote, and thus not going to the winning contributor, you will be first in line to claim this one shown.

  7. I am in love with that Box of Rain! I can see it working up in a baby sweater, or simple ribbed socks, or a scarf or shawl if done in a laceweight yarn.