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Well, this is awkward. — 14 Comments

  1. Oh dear! I am glad to hear you are getting things taken care of. Will be praying for you!

  2. You haven’t let anyone down! Listen to your body and your doctors and look after yourself or I’ll go all mamma bear on you and book a plane ticket so I can come and kick your butt until you do 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness. What a load of news. Carl had a triple A and had a stent put in. Fixed it right up. Be good to yourself. ❤

  4. Take care of yourself first and foremost. We will be ready to buy you’re gorgeous yarns when you’re ready to make them again. All the love, good health, and speedy recovery to you. ♥️

  5. Ray, you are not letting anyone down. You are dealing with several significant health issues. Please just focus on getting healthy again. I will be praying for good outcomes and will look forward to seeing your beautiful yarn whenever you are able to dye again.

  6. Thank goodness for medical care, one step at a time. My brother just came off a medication for dissolving an aneurysm and was diagnosed diabetic and copd at the same time the aneurysm was found, he was on the medication for that for over a year I believe, but he aneurysm is gone, while it slowly got rid of that it also wiped out his immune system even now almost a year off the medication when he gets sick it hits hard almost always a night or two in the hospital.But he’s here and keeping on, always busy and on the go. Its a hard fight but its one well worth fighting. My thoughts are with you, take care of you and if you really need to be creative have your daughter come help you, you can supervise.

  7. Dear Ray
    What a time you have had with your health! Speaking from personal experience, when you get those blood sugar numbers under control. you will feel so much better. You will not believe the difference that will make in your life. Please take some classes offered by your doctor on diabetes care. So much is being discovered every day. Good luck with the surgery. I am sending light and healing your way.

  8. First off, you haven’t let us down. I’ve let you down because it’s been ages since I’ve bought one of your pretties.

    You’re taking care of yourself now and that’s the important part. You’re not being dumb and not paying attention to what the doctors are saying. Take care of yourself and keep us in the loop. If knitterman yarns are going to be scarce for a bit or become even more limited edition in order for you to get healthier, then that’s what needs to happen. You’ve got a huge group of people who will help support you through this.

  9. You are not letting anyone down; just sorry that you had to wait for Medicare to get the healthcare you need 🙁 Please focus on getting better; many of us consider you to be one of our very good (if virtual)friends, and those are hard to come by!

  10. Ray, I am so glad to hear you are getting the medical care you need. I am a diabetic too and I know it is nothing to mess around with. I’m sorry you have to face such an important surgery so quickly, but I am grateful they found it in time to intervene. I’ll be sending lots of good energy your way and saying lots of prayers too.

  11. Ray, I’m glad you’re getting the help you need. As for the aneurysm, I would plan on at least 2 months of restrictions for lifting not very heavy things. Maybe longer if they crack your chest open. You will need time to heal. Let us know how we can help you in the interim.

    • Oh good golly!!! I was given to understand that this sort of thing is fixed by going up through an artery via the groin these days, thanks to modern medical advances, a relatively routine procedure, out of the hospital same day or next day. I guess I’ll need to get that sorted out to see what is needed.

  12. Ray, I hope you are starting to feel better. I’m curious what kind of diabetes education you got–I hear such horror stories of outdated info by doctors. My dad had to go to a diabetic clinic and they gave him a high carb diet that made him worse but kicked him out of the clinic when he went low carb! Check out Dr Fung’s books. They are awesome. I hope you get everything sorted soon and see health return quickly in 2020