Any one who says they cannot find me is simply not looking!   I am all over the Internet:

email: or

Facebook on the Knitivity page

(The Knitivity page on Facebook is reserved for just knitting, crochet, yarns, dyeing, and assorted other fiber arts goodness, without regard to politics, nationality, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation — all fiber folk are welcome to “Like” the Knitivity page and participate in any discussion posted there.  I do, however, draw the line at 9-foot tall, purple-maned four-footed creatures … unless they are unicorns, of course.  Unicorns are always welcome.)

Twitter:  @Knitterman

Google+:  Ray Whiting

And of course, there’s the old fashioned method (i.e. “snail mail”):

Ray Whiting
14435 Eagle Pass Street
Houston, TX  77015

What?  No Telephone??

I no longer have a landline or cell phone, and I prefer not to publish other means for people to call me, except by prior arrangement.