Buy A Cone, Get 3 (or 4) Skeins!

Two or three times a year it becomes necessary to rebuild my inventory supply in a large way, by purchasing many cones at a time. Not only does this help me to have enough yarn on hand for custom orders while also covering the bills, it also allows me some yarn to dye up as Blog Reader Specials when there aren’t many regular orders coming through.

When you buy a cone for Knitivity you get three (or four) skeins of whatever type yarn you request.  Phydlbitz and Primo have changed how they come so you get 4 skeins on those, 3 on the others.  You can have your skeins custom dyed right away, or you can ask me to hold them for future dye jobs, or you can use them as pre-paid credit toward claiming a future Blog Reader Special.   Sock yarn prices on Blog Reader Specials are now all the same, so it doesn’t matter if you buy a cone of one type of sock yarn and wish to claim a BRS of a different type of sock yarn.   It doesn’t matter what you decide to do with your 3 skeins — As soon as the cones arrive, yours are put into a separate bag with your name on it and kept until you tell me what to do with them.

PLUS (and this is something new I’ve added just recently) … since you’ll have 3 or 4 skeins to your credit, you can even use them as holiday gifts for other knitters.   Just tell me who gets them and I will take care of notification and helping them select the yarns they want, either custom dyed or as Blog Reader Specials.   And the shipping is already covered!     So, who do you know who hasn’t discovered Knitivity yarns?  Who do you know who might not be able to afford hand-dyed yarns but would appreciate a special treat for the holidays?   Send three to one person, or one to each of three different people.

I have not included below ALL the yarns I use, but only the more commonly requested, so that I can build inventory of those in-house to have them available.  If you want 3 or more of some other yarn, feel free to ask and I can work to make it happen!

How it works:

Select either a dye job from my regular colors, or request your own custom job, or you can choose to have your skeins held back for a future order, OR trade those in (like prepaid credit!) for Blog Reader Specials of the same yarn type.

As nearly as possible I have set the prices to closely approximate the cost of retail skeins plus average shipping and handling from the supplier, via UPS.  This price includes the subsequent U.S. shipping/handling cost for sending your selected 3 skeins to you or whomever you designate.  As noted above, having your yarns already paid for is a nice hedge when prices go up again.

Ideally, through the winter of 2016/17 I’d like to be able to have 6 or 9 cones of EACH type of yarn — my skein winder handles 3 skeins at a time, so it is easy to work off of multiples of 3 cones at a time — but any amount helps keep me in business, and you get still get your money’s worth.

Type of Yarn Needed
Select your skeins desired
Special Instructions

Primary Base Yarns I’d like to acquire





Still need


75% Superwash Wool/25% Nylon
– 430 yards per skein
 9  3 6

Lovely Sock

80% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon
– 430 yards per skein



SWMerino Fingering

100% Superwash Merino
– 420 yards per skein



BFL Sport

100% Blue-Faced Leicester
– 330 yards per skein



Primo Lace

80% Merino/20% Silk
– 1000 yards per skein
9  0  9