The original sets (multi-colored actual cubes) are now discontinued but the DIY version is always available!

DIY Dicey Knitting Instructions – $5.00

Now, you can use your own dice and get started without waiting for printed cubes! The same instructions have been modified so you can use a simple pair of ordinary dice! Get your copy today for just $5.00 — it’s a PDF file, and should instantly download into your browser upon payment.

Need a challenge?

This is what the set looks like:

And this is one example of the wild and wacky textures you can create (prototype cubes created were hand-lettered; your set will be stamped with permanent ink):

Some of you may ask “Why knit this way?”  — This is a great tool for learning several types of increases and decreases, and it forces the knitter to let go the need to always be “in control” — you roll the Ivory dice first — it will tell you to knit or purl or increase or decrease or make a cable, and then you roll the increase or decrease or cable cube to find out what TYPE of those stitches, and then roll the pip cube (the normal one with dots on it) to find out how many of those stitches to do.    And when you’ve done them across the row you purl back on the next row.  On the third row you do the reverse of what you did in the first row, and restore the original stitch count … OR you can just start rolling again to do something different.

Also, if you just accidentally happen to find a really cute stitch sequence, you can simply repeat it for your own overall repetitive stitch pattern.  Knitters can use this method to get over a “designer’s block” and discover some new thing they may not have thought of.  Several people bought sets for all the members of their local knitting group and made a game out of it — one person rolling the dice and everyone knitting the rolled sequence on their own needles and yarns.