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Naughts, Knots, and Snots — 2 Comments

  1. Sounds to me like you have that gastrointestinal flu that has closed down floors of various hospitals and nursing homes the past month or so… It isn’t one that we had the flu shot for…

    I know it has been around my daughters family (7 of them), and round and round…about 3 times now since just before Christmas. Please don’t let it go too long before you see a doctor… (just some motherly advice)…

    Take care
    Luv ‘N Hugs

    • Well, the lower GI stuff is pretty much under control after the first day, it’s the upper stuff that’s dragging me down. But I am feeling somewhat better today, just taking things slowly. Going to a doctor won’t help a virus unless I get really REALLY sick, but I don’t have $$$ for that anyway, so I’d have to be nearly dying and get wheeled into an E.R.