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Heartbroken Crafter — 2 Comments

  1. First off, the purchaser has to pay for the materials, and any special tools or pattern if they need to be purchased (and you get to keep them). Depending on the complexity of the pattern and size of the project I multiply the cost of the material by 3 to 5 to cover my labor. And the short notice, rush job automatically gets charged $100 becauase it will comsume every spare minute you have to complete on time. If it was say 3 weeks, I would drop that charge to $50. If they balk at that, I agree, they can go to WalMart. I would have charged at least $45 for the hat. I would have told the young man he can have the hat when he pays the balance, but of course it would be proper to have negotiated the price up front.

  2. On the positive side, he did give you an idea for a neat pattern that you have developed and can now sell. I hope you son explained to him that he had been very rude.