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  1. I prefer lace and fingering weights with the occasional sport or dk. Being in Florida, as well as being “fluffy” I try not to add any additional bulk. I like merino, bfl and almost anything blended with silk.

  2. Whatever you do is always beautiful. I would think that this is a perfect chance for you to do some free-thinking/experimenting. Set aside one or two new yarn types to try out new dyes on – before making any decisions on bulk buying.

    As a personal choice, the bamboo sounds intriguing – you know I mentioned naturals some time ago. 🙂

  3. I love all that you dye! I love to make socks. I really like alpaca and such especially with superwash. I like to make some with sparkle too.

  4. I like finer yarns, lace, fingering, nothing bigger then dk. Anything with silk is great What about a wool/linen blend?

  5. you know me Ray, I love working with your fingering wt yarns, and my mom loves the worsted an sport wts.

  6. Bamboo blend is nice for warm weather garments and accessories. With the weather seemingly warmer most of the year I don’t need heavy knitted items. I like the finer weights like fingering and sock as they are great for making items you can layer, and are more versatile than the thicker yarn.

    Yarn in general has been getting more and more expensive, some on ETSY are up to $30 for 400 yards of sock merino. My budget can’t afford to buy too much of that so maybe for you, choose stock that can be sold at a more affordable price to attract more customers with limited budgets.

  7. Bamboo. Silk. Bamboo. More dk and sport weights, I am not a fan of little needles. Bamboo. Stuff I can use for art, well ok, that’s just me. Did I mention bamboo?????

    Woo hoo!!


  8. I like working with linen sometimes, but others have mentioned bamboo. I’ve never tried it.

  9. I love lace weight yarns so that is my choice 🙂 I love bamboo also and silk blended with anything. I also like to use fingering weights as well.

  10. Your primo lace and indulgence yarns are so very yummy. While I’m a bit sad to see the Knitterman’s lace yarn go away the other 2 options you are left with are fantastic yarns… just sayin’

  11. I like sport and worsted weights and do some sock weight. I mostly like superwash but it is nice to have some occasional soft yummy alpaca and bamboo. I would love to try some “exotic” yarns but those are expensive! I really like all your yarns and the beautiful job of dyeing you do!!

  12. I love sock and DK, but as I don’t have a large yarn budget, I am mostly posting to say that I agree with the two comments above that are requesting that you a) get a few small batches of different things to experiment with, before placing a huge bulk order of anything new, and b) perhaps have at least one or two yarns that are meant to attract the buyers with limited budgets, as well as the luxury yarns. Honestly, I *love* everything that you dye, and am very excited about the possibility of gradients, and I’m looking forward to seeing what new things you do next. 🙂

  13. I live in Alabama, so appreciate linens and cottons–fibers appropriate for mild to hot year round weather. I live in Alabama because the cost of living is better for being on a fixed income. I really can’t afford high end yarns. I have not purchased from you yet as I have to budget for it.

    Another nice option for people like me might be some “mini” options so we could work with luxury yarns on a smaller, modular scale.

    Your colors are drool worthy! So many to choose from! I like colors that go with truly white hair.