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Surprise! Alpaca yarn! — 7 Comments

  1. You already have the instruction from Dez: Dye it and Sell it – some light and lovely shades, some deep dark and luscious, and let us know when they are ready please? Jenni in Edmonton (I send you bad puns on FB – and you take PayPal, right?)

  2. Sandy Steffy is out of the alpaca business. She had lovely and well-cared-for animals (in fact, I just happen to be wearing a pair of slipper-socks made from this yarn 10 years ago and they barely show wear. Packed them in my travel luggage). This is a great vintage yarn and a one-of-a-kind chance for knitters to get yarn from this unfortunately defunct farm.

  3. Oh, and the hanks I dyed for my shop ans that I used myself were all at leadt a half ounce over label weight. She made generous skeins.