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  1. Hi, Knitterman. Sorting and sifting – OH! It sounds like Leo Pola left ALOT of sorting and sifting after he left this world. Would you consider showing to your readers a tribute to Leo Pola: A gentleman named Mark Snyder of Sandwich, Leo’s home town, is giving away a set of four tickets to for King Richard’s Faire in Carver, MA. Leo’s sister Sue has entered the “contest” aiming to get the most votes to send Leo’s nephew, wife and two daughters to the Faire – Leo used to take them as a family each year. The give-a-way is on the Facebook Page Sandwich News. Scroll down after the announcement by Mark Snyder about the tickets, find the entry from Sue (Pola) Tierney, and LIKE it.

    Whoever gets the most “likes” will get them! Everyone, read ALL the comments, and “Like” your favorites!

    WINNERS WILL BE SELECTED ON SEPTEMBER 5th! Does this make sense to you? I can be reached at 575-770-6154. Leo’s birthday was just after mine – September 10.