These are the yarns I try to keep available all the time.   Other yarns can be obtained on request.

  • Phydlbitz Sock Yarns75% washable wool/25% nylon; 430 yards
  • Primo Lace Yarns80% Merino/20% Tussah silk, 1000 yards
  • SW Merino Fingering –  100% SW Merino, 420 yards
  • Lovely Sock – 80% SW Merino / 20% Nylon, 430 yards
  • Superwash Sport – 100% SW Merino, 280 yards
  • Knitterman’s Sport100% Blue Faced Leicester, 330 yards
  • Superwash Worsted: —  100% superwash Merino,  215 yards


I’m no longer allowing pre-paid custom orders from this page, but you are welcome to make requests from the ideas here.

Scroll down to see color examples. All pictures are EXAMPLES.  You are free to request any modification you would like in the space provided.

If you prefer, you may email me (ray [at] knitivity [dot] com) with  your request and I will create a customized invoice for you.  

NOTE: Pictures are representative only. Your yarns are not dyed until you order them, so they are always a custom dye job; depending on yarn availability and the dye schedule it will be approximately 2-3 weeks. Yarns are dyed using my standardized recipes, but each is an individual creation and so some variations will occur; also, you are welcome to request your own changes to a regular colorway OR request something entirely different. If you order two or more of the same colorway at the same time, they will be dyed together to help ensure a good match.

International Customers! — I am able to ship First Class International, purchased online with tracking. If you wish to make a purchase with a destination outside the U.S., email me first to determine the charges to your country and whether less expensive options are available.

See below for CUSTOM DYES

Need 3 or more skeins? Use this link.

Want Something Special?  – Send me a close-up picture of the picture of what you’d like, and we will discuss it! How About a Surprise? – You know you want something, but aren’t sure what you want? Try a “Surprise Me!” Same yarns, but I get to pick the colors.

Lava Flow
New Color

Cherry Fade

Vista Del Mar

Party Favors (see note at right)
Party Favors will always be 6
different colors, but not always the same colors you see in the picture – they will be selected from whatever 6 colors happen to be on the counter, UNLESS
 you ask for specific colors, of course.  You can use the “Special Instructions” on the order form to indicate your preferred colors.More info and pictures here.

Winter Spice Cinnamon, nutmeg, midnight, and cherries
Mambocat Chocolate and Teal, with a splash of Goldenrod between
Cottrell Rose Vibrant petals from this original, dyed like this.

Glacier Lake Inspired by this picture of Glacier Lake

Turquoise Dribble Pale splatter of turquoise.

Midnight Green Fade

Seafoam Fade

Sensatorium is a “dump-dye” of the blackened-blue, blackened-purple and black from
 “After Hours”

After Hours Darkly-black in the middle, fading to darkly purple, with dark red and dark blue tips at either end of the hank.

Luscious is a “dump-dye” of the blackened-red, blackened-purple and black from “After Hours”


Midnight Green

Rose Granite A dusty rose wash, lightly overlaid with grays and blacks

Dirty Mechanic – 
Looks like mechanic’s worn overalls or grease-rag, smeared with dirty grease stains.

Rose-Mist A lighter version of Watermelon
Stonewashed Jeans

Grape Ice Like the fruity Italian Ices, this is a lightly colored yarn, perfect for your  Springtime wardrobe!

Pearl Gray A fade of silver grays

Turquoise Fade with a tip of Navy.

Journal Like a leather-bound journal (but less expensive!), the prefect gift for your perfect Grad or Dad

Supreme Dark Roast any darker brown and it would beblack!

Stone Like the pebble along a river bank


Watermelon – 
Luscious and yummy, like a chilled summer watermelon.

Mandarin Orange – Layers and layers of Mandarin orange adds an interesting depth of color

Custom Dyes and Alterations

It is amazing what people want for their yarns. I have
been asked to replicate sports team colors, the eyecolor of a
special grandchild, and even a beloved family pet! Now, you
can have custom dye jobs like this:

Go from this …
. to this …
to this

Truly Custom: Same price as regular socks. All I need is a clear digital picture of what you want. But please, don’t send a picture of the forest and ask for yarn like the flower at the base of the third tree from the left — just send me the picture of the flower! Or the blue of your grandchild’s eyes. Or whatever else tickles your fancy! Custom orders are prepaid, same as all orders above.

Modifications: OR, you can request one of my regular colorways to have a “little less of this, a little more of that” — I don’t normally dye until an order is placed, so if you almost like something but not quite, it is possible to play and manipulate color before it hits the yarn! All you have to do is ASK! 🙂